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Home Property Portfolio China Mosaic Xi’an



Mosaic Xi’an

Mosaic Xi’an,166 Jiefang Road, Xincheng District, Xi’an, China  

  • A modern shopping and entertainment landmark destination in Xi’an, targeting a demographic of 20 to 45 year olds.
  • The mall offers an on-trend merchandise mix with a variety of international fashion brands, entertainment and F&B options as well as providing exciting marketing events throughout the year.


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Located in the city centre of Xi'an, at the crossroad of Jiefang Road and Dongxin Street

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Owned By

MIRA Managed Vehicle

Opening Date

September 2018

Property Size

45,595 sqm

Principle Occupiers

CGV Cinema, Really Fitness, Xibei, CouCou Hot Pot, Xuji SeaFood, Xi Bei, Under Armour, Nike Kicks Lounge, DouZhuLou, Hotwind, Bestseller Group, Wangshunge, Xi He Bistro, Costa

Catchment Market

The city of Xi’an has 8.6M people. The immediate catchment area surrounding Mosaic Xi’an (3km) has approximately 800,000 people made up predominantly of young families and a strong office population.
Mosaic Xian_1 Mosaic Xian_1
Mosaic Xian_2 Mosaic Xian_2
Mosaic Xian_4 Mosaic Xian_4
Mosaic Xian_5 Mosaic Xian_5
Mosaic Xian_6 Mosaic Xian_6
Mosaic Xian_7 Mosaic Xian_7
Background Photo:
Xi’an City: Mosaic Xi’an