Kometa Shopping Centre

Kometa Shopping Centre, Grudziadska 162, Torun Poland

  • Ground floor retail gallery
  • Anchored by a 19,893 Auchan hypermarket
  • Comprising of 20 retail and restaurant units


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Kometa Shopping Centre located on a boarder of Koniuchy and Mokre districts. Dense multi-tenant buildings surrounding plots characterise themselves with a small amount of single detached homes and the most significant industrial zone of Torun. The project enjoys perfectly visibility and access from Grudziadska St. - one of the main roads in Torun. The historic city centre is approximately 4km from the scheme.

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Owned By


Opening Date

September 1999

Property Size

2,054 sqm

Principle Occupiers

Rossman, CCC, Vision Express, ŚWIAT KSIĄŻKI

Catchment Market

236,000 people with 15 minutes drive
Kometa 1 Kometa 1
Kometa 2 Kometa 2
Kometa 3 Kometa 3
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Torun:: Kometa Shopping Centre